Commercial Service, Sales & Installation

Commercial Service, Sales & Installation

Hill’s Heating and Air Conditioning provides full commercial sales and service on HVAC Systems from 50,000 to 10,000,000 BTUs. We will design, setup and install your commercial HVAC system, ensuring all your Commercial Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilating needs are met. Rest assured our experienced team will complete your project On-Time and On-Budget!

Commercial Heating:

  • Forced Air Ducted Systems
  • Boiler Systems (Hot Water or Steam)
  • Gas, Oil or Electric

Commercial Air Conditioning:

  • Compressors: Standard reciprocating, Chillers (packaged and centrifugal)
  • Evaporators: DX coils or Chilled water coils.
  • Condensers: Air or Water Cooled.
  • Computer room systems
  • Evaporative condensers and cooling towers

Mechanical Contracting Services: (For standard or special piping installations.)

  • Sheet Metal
  • Black Iron
  • Copper
  • Plastic
  • Threaded
  • Welded
  • Grooved
  • Pipe freezing
  • Electrical installations of all sizes

Full Service & Maintenance Contracts

We offer maintenance and full service contracts that will stabilize your operations budget, eliminate equipment down time, extend equipment life expectancy and keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.

We offer contracts to fit every size business and budget for Offices, Retail spaces and Industrial applications.

The Hill’s Security Blanket covers all repair labor, service calls, mileage & your next annual equipment service. Our database keeps track of all work performed on your system, allowing us to verify all necessary service & maintenance has been done according to the manufacturers specifications. Parts are covered to the extent of the manufacturers warranty.

Full Service & Maintenance Contracts

The Smart  Control System can stand alone or be monitored by us for your convenience. In most cases when we get an alarm we dispatch a service tech before the occupants of the building even know there is anything wrong.

  • Offsite Control System and alarm monitoring and adjustments are free if you have a Smart Controls System and a Hill’s Commercial Maintenance or Full Service Contract.
  • Smart Controls Microprocessor Control Systems (lonworks) are user friendly computerized control, monitoring and alarm systems that interface with any equipment or systems.


The Hill’s Security Blanket covers all repair labor, service calls, mileage and your next annual equipment service. Included with all major equipment purchases installed in one and two family, owner occupied homes.

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