Does Hill’s sell vent free stoves?


No, although vent free stoves are legal to sell in New York State we have elected not to sell them. Even though they are less expensive we don’t consider them a good investment in this part of the country.

Vent free stoves are supposed to be run a maximum of 4 hours in each 24 hour period. This mean they are not designed to be a heating unit.

Some people have returned stoves because they emit a unique odor. Vent free stoves produce moisture when they burn. In some cases this has ruined interior paint and wall paper. Some manufacturers of vent free stoves recommend that you keep a window cracked open when burning the stove.

A good vented stove will last for years and give you great ambiance and good heat. One thing you can be sure of at Hills, if we wouldn’t put it in our house, we certainly aren’t going to put it in your house.

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