Maintenance Agreements

Annual Maintenance Service

Most manufacturer’s warranties require annual service to validate warranty parts replacement. Equipment efficiency will naturally decrease as the system is used because of dirt, debris, leaks and wear-and-tear on electrical motors and blowers. Annual service is the BEST way to increase efficiency and lower costs. Our skilled technicians are trained to evaluate the system you have and provide any recommendations that will help you get the most from your system and get you through the season without any unexpected repair calls.

A well maintained system will provide better comfort and peace of mind that your system is functioning properly and is ready for the next trouble free season. An annual maintenance service generally includes:

  • Complete inspection and cleaning of all aspects of the burners, combustion chamber, blower assemblies, drains, coils, and filter assemblies.
  • Lubrication of all moving parts as required.
  • Air filter replacement
  • Complete evaluation and inspection of system operation including electrical and mechanical parts.

Hill’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers options for service and maintenance contracts for customers with qualifying equipment.

Service Contracts

The Hill’s Security Blanket
FREE with every major equipment purchase and covers all repair labor, service calls, mileage, and the next annual equipment maintenance service for one year. Learn More

Maintenance Contract
These contracts include full system maintenance on the equipment listed in the contract. Contracts are tailored to the customer’s needs and can be for up to 4 visits per year. Maintenance will include air filters, belts, and maintenance supplies as needed. These contracts can be residential or commercial. An annual maintenance is required on all equipment to determine eligibility for a contract.

Full Service Contract
This contract includes annual maintenance as required and all repairs as stated in the contract. This includes all overtime labor, mileage and covered repair parts. An annual maintenance is required to determine eligibility for a contract.

All contracts are renewable annually.


The Hill’s Security Blanket covers all repair labor, service calls, mileage and your next annual equipment service. Included with all major equipment purchases installed in one and two family, owner occupied homes.

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